What Is Franchising?

Franchising is a network of interdependent businesses that allow a number of people to share a brand name, a strong marketing and distribution system and a successful method of doing business. It is as close as you can get to a "guarantee of success" in business today. Studies show that franchise new business startups rarely fail. That's because the franchisor has already gone through the learning curve, knows the secrets to success for that specific business, and passes this knowledge on to the franchisee. The power of franchising is realized through the contributions of the two participants. The franchisor provides the established brand or trademark, a proven operating system, start-up support, and ongoing guidance, as the franchisee builds their business. Franchisees pay initial franchise fees and then ongoing royalties for access to the format that the franchisor has developed and for ongoing enhancements to the system. Franchisees are also responsible for the daily operation and management of the business.

The Future Of Franchising

Given that franchising clearly offers aspiring new business owners the best possible chance of succeeding with the least amount of risk, the growth of franchising is inevitable. Within the next several years, franchising will comprise over 50% of the retail economy and employ millions of people. Existing franchise systems will continue to grow and new franchise concepts will be introduced to meet growing demand and the move toward free market economies. This will enable hundreds of thousands of people to realize their dream of successful business ownership, and push franchisors to structure relationships with franchisees in a totally win/win manner. Franchising is evolving for the better. There are now greater opportunities for wealth creation among both franchisees and franchisors then ever before.


Easy As 1, 2, 3

We have all seen and read the statistics on franchising success rate over non franchised businesses. Franchising is more successful because it is able to get and keep more customers then independent businesses, by: (a) designing marketing programs that generate customers, on an ongoing basis, for the franchisees (b) providing the franchisees with a proven operating system, that focuses on unparalleled customer service through convenience, quality, consistency and price value (c) offering ongoing support to franchisees to help them become more proficient at marketing and customer retention. To miss out on franchising would be like missing out on the industrial revolution or branch banking. In the franchise world and in any viable franchise system, no matter how large or small, all are links in a large chain. If one of the links is broken, the entire chain falls apart.

Services Provided By JT Corp.

JT Corp. will teach you the 7 items every franchise company must do, with excellence, to build market share and will assist and provide you with the tools to run a successful franchise system.
JT Corp. will share with you the 5 key elements that require unified thinking in order to build and/or maintain a successful franchise system and provide every franchisor with what they need to know and do to make an informed business decision. JT Corp. will share with you the 7 question qualifier to use in the process of awarding your franchise to the best suited prospect. JT Corp. will provide franchisors, no matter how large or small, with the key elements required to analyze what types of locations are best suited for the franchisor's business and will provide franchisors with 8 tips to finding the right location for their business, guidance to site selection and lease negotiations. JT Corp. will provide a franchisor with the guidelines for a well prepared and complete operations manual, the contents of which will provide a franchisee with the practical day to day information it requires to operate a franchise according to the standards, norms, procedures and guidelines of the franchisor. Contact JT Corp. for more information!