Our Director: Sarah Kulbatski

By virtue of having spent most of her professional career in the franchising sector, including 17 years at a highly recognized international franchise company, Ms. Kulbatski has extensive experience in resolving disputes and being directly involved in litigation brought on by both franchisees and franchisors. On the other hand, Ms. Kulbatski has also mainly worked within a climate of positive franchise relations and recognizes how open communication (a non abusive open door policy), newsletters, meetings between the franchisor and its franchisees and other related activities contribute towards building and enhancing positive franchise relations.

Our Professional Commitment

Ms. Kulbatski believes that a climate of positive franchise relations lies at the heart of a successful and thriving organization. She identifies these activities as the “enabling factors” of every franchise organization.
Regardless of how large the franchisor may be, Ms. Kulbatski believes that it makes sense for all franchisors to have positive communication and accessibility to franchisor management. This among other factors, are Ms. Kulbatski’s primary objectives in guiding a franchise organization towards success.